With a proud netball history in the North of New Zealand Bay of Islands Netball Centre continues to showcase fierce competition between teams that have nurtured natural talent from a young age.

The winter season which starts in the latter end of March each year see’s players ranging in age from 4 years – 70 years taking the court in a competition that culminates with its grand finals at the end of August. The benefits of having such a broad and long term appeal is just one aspect that contributes to Netball being New Zealand’s premier women’s sport.

In the summer season Bay of Islands Netball Centre embraces the more social and developmental aspects of the game and play host to a Mixed Twilight Competition  from October – December. This allows a more community minded membership to participate and is often a great way for people to be introduced to the sport in a less intense setting.

The game takes on a new face with the introduction of Fast Five & the new Junior Netball Version from February to mid March which supports our netball clubs and schools to get in the necessary pre-season fitness and is supplemented by a focus on pre-season coaching clinics designed to raise the standard of skill specific coaching and season planning.

For more information on how you can play netball at Bay of Islands Netball Centre email us at boinetball@yahoo.co.nz.


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