Bay Of Islands Netball Centre Year 7 Representatives

Coach: Shannon Williams

 1.  Miya Pirini Waima Tuakana
2.  Oshearn Reihana Otaua Lightning
3. Shakura Neho-Lowry Kaikohe Intermediate School
4. Oceayarn Croft-Haenga Otaua Lightning
5. Takutai Tomuri-Grace Okaihau College
6. Elyse Williams Waima
7. Kiana Barber Manawa Iti
8. Asher Quitta-Moses Waima Tuakana
9. Oceane Dereuck  
10.Madison Waaka Otaua Lightning
11.Te Rangimarie Kingi Kaikohe Christian School


Year 8 Representatives

Coach: Dallas Williams

1. Journey Kukutai Kaikohe Intermediate School
2. Aylah Williams Waima
3. Anika Wineera Hokianga
4. Kowhai Waa Manawa Iti
5. Nikylah Edwards Okaihau College
6. Jolene Komene Okaihau college
7. Kilani Brophy Manawa Iti
8. Ana Pukeroa  
9. Martha Kingi Kaikohe Christian School
10. Charity Korewha Manawa Iti


Bay Of Islands Netball Centre Year 9 Representatives

Coach:   Lorraine Yakas          Manager: Kelly Yakas

1. Kylah Maaka Kaikohe RFSC
2. Jade Ngawati Blue Ferns
3. Anika Rogers Blue Ferns
4. Anahera Rogers N.A.F.A Rox
5. Dana Scott BOIC Prems
6. Alisha Tahere Blue Fern
7. Shuntay Tahere Just Do It
8. Monique Terei N.A.F.A Rox
9. Mya Poa Te Poono Just Do It
10.Alyssa Williams Blue Ferns


Bay Of Islands Netball Centre Under 15 Representatives

Coach:   Yvonne Hepi

1.      Tanya-Marie Beazley Blue Ferns
2.      Kobe Brophy BOIC Prems
3.      Kuini Cherrington BOIC Prems
4.      Ngaere Kaka Soldiers for Christ
5.      Jessie Ngawati Blue Ferns
6.      Maia Whiu Blue Ferns
7.      Tyela Wood Blue Ferns
8.      Tatiana Korewha Hokianga Kura B


Bay Of Islands Netball Centre Under 17 Representatives

Coach:   Lisa Brophy/ Tiny Peterson

1.      Hollee Werahiko Hokianga Sports Club
2.      Dayna Nankivell BOIC Prems
3.      Aaliyah Clarke BOIC Prems
4.      Amber Clarke BOIC Prems
5.      Teuarangi Tana BOIC Prems
6.      Dahlia Hill-Tahere BOIC Prems
7.      Ashaad Wikaira Hokianga Kura B
8.      Kuini Neho Taiamai Manawa
9.      Ella-Lee Wheoki Taiamai Manawa
10.  Kayla Ihaka Taiamai Manawa
11.  Lizzie Lemon Taiamai Manawa
12.  Sequoia Stevens Taiamai Manawa



Trials for Rep teams will be held Saturday the 21st of May & Saturday 28th May 2016.


Please see our Representatives Co-ordinator Kelly Yakas if you have any questions.


Players who are based at Bay of Islands Netball Centre will have opportunities to develop in a variety of different forums as follows:

1. The Player

BOINC players understand that achieving a high standard of netball skill and ability begins with genuine commitment and talent within each individual. BOINC recognises too that the ability for players to realise high performance opportunities throughout their playing time is often dependant on the support of family & community members, i.e.: travel to tournaments, trials, games, development days, clinics etc.

2. The School/Club

All Schools and Clubs should encourage their coaches and future possible coaches (any players showing leadership potential) to attend coaching workshops and modules through the BOINC coach development plan in conjunction with Netball Northern & Netball NZ. These modules will give them valuable tools to plan and cater for players of varying needs and will teach them how to approach a season plan designed to develop those core skills and abilities for life long excellence in the sport. It will also ensure the long term health of the club/school as the capabilities of their members improve.

School and Club teams should promote talented players that play for their teams. This might include encouraging and supporting them to trial for the age group representative teams, enter their teams into zone tournaments (see the zone calendar at, and giving those players consistent opportunities within the team to play in specialised positions and having exposure in those positions to highly competitive games i.e.: top four play offs etc.

3. BOINC Finals Exposure

BOINC will seek to raise the integrity and ‘mana’ of our season finals for all grades by improving the facilities at Lindvart Park, advertising the finals games locally, making an event out of the Grand Final Day, and publishing media releases regarding finals playoffs leading up to and after the finals day.

We encourage clubs to add to this by establishing a ‘finals build up’ process within their teams. This will bring mana to those who are named in the starting seven for the finals games and encourage those who are not to value it even more if they are given the opportunity to take the court.

Players who take the court will also be eligible to receive the ‘BOINC Distinction Award’ for the most outstanding player from the finals series.

4. BOINC Representative Players

As a centre representative players will be identified as a part of our ‘talented players group’ and will be eligible for nomination to attend any Netball Northern Talent I.D days that are offered at a centre level. They will be required to commit to trainings, fundraising, and attending representative fixtures as planned for each year. At these tournaments they will have the opportunity to measure their own capabilities against other players of a similar age from around NZ. This exposure is vital for players who would like to take their playing ability to a performance and high performance standard.

5. Players as Umpires

To be a great player you need to know the rules. While it can be difficult to motivate players to attend umpiring courses, those players who would like to be considered for leadership roles in their teams or at representative level can greatly improve their chances by becoming a badged umpire. Please see our Umpiring page for more information on how to do this.


For more information regarding our regional player pathways and to see how our representative players may link in with a wider regional and NZ pathway please click on the following link – Netball Northern Player Pathway.

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